We are a translation agency based in Dubai that specializes in high-quality legal, technical, marketing and translations, as well as copywriting and interpretation services. Moreover, we’ve worked with some of the world’s most prestigious institutions and companies.

We now have a network of over 2,000 contributors who speak more than 100 languages in the state of UAE with the considered zip code 00000. Because our team members are located all over the world, we can take benefit of time zone differences and efficiently manage interpretation and translation projects at all hours of the night and day.

Process of Legal Translation Services in Dubai  

Legalized or attested/certified translations are generally referred to as “Legal translations” in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, the terms “Legal Stamp” and “Legal Translator” are also commonly used in the UAE.

Further, these basically correspond to the concept of “Certified/Sworn translators/translations” in western culture. Therefore, MOJ and the MOF are the authorities in charge of certifying translations.

Which Documents Require Legal Translation?

Which Documents Require Legal Translation?

For legal translations, there are two possibilities.

  1. Documents issued outside of the United Arab Emirates and destined for Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or other Emirates
  2. An official document requiring translation must be authenticated by the UAE Embassy in the country of origin prior to translation

The ministry of foreign affairs of the United Arab Emirates must authenticate the documents after they arrive in the UAE. So, by following these two procedures, the document is ready for stamping and translation by a Ministry of Justice-certified translator. So, please note that national consulates and embassies can attest original documents before MOFA for certain documents.

Documents destined for another country that were issued in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or other Emirates:

Any official document to be used outside the UAE must be stamped and signed by the issuing organization, individual, or institution, as well as the necessary legalizing authority, before being translated (e.g., the economic department or the notary public).

The document must then be attested by the ministry of foreign affairs and then the Embassy or Consulate of the nation where it will be used.

Legal Translation Services in Dubai

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Justice have certified us as a translation provider. 

Our legal experts and translators from some native areas of Dubai like Arabian ranches, downtown and several more have the experience needed to handle your legal paperwork. Therefore, fast delivery, complete accuracy, and a reasonable price are the distinguishing aspects of our legal translation services in Dubai

You will receive your documents in perfect time, with no hidden fees or additional charges. We specialize in legal document translation and certification at embassies in target countries such as the Canada, United States, New Zealand, Australia, and several European nations.

Furthermore, we can work with nearly any file type and always offer translated papers in the same format as the source files. Non-disclosure agreements signed by all of our legal experts, staff members and translators will ensure complete confidentiality during the preparation process. 

We will handle all of your legal documents, including:

  • Certificates of Birth
  • Certificates of marriage
  • Diplomas 
  • Wills 
  • Memorandums of association
  • Patents
  • Litigation documents
  • Trade licenses.
  • Power of attorney are all examples of legal documents

What is the process of preparing legal documentation?

What is the process of preparing legal documentation?

For some people, document preparation is always connected with work, effort, time and hence the vast majority of people choose to contact a professional. So, avoid the aggravation of figuring it out on your own. However, remove the fear of making a mistake.

You can put an end to the headaches of filling out paperwork by entrusting all of your documentation to our experts, who have a lot of knowledge. Our experts assist you in completing legal documents that are ready to be signed. So, we may ask several questions via email, online, or phone, at your discretion, and then generate the documents you desire based on your responses.

Power of Attorney 

A is a legal document that allows one person to assign legal authority to someone else. A power of attorney might grant the attorney-in-fact wide or limited authority. 

We generate a standard power of attorney in a bilingual format based on the information you supply, make three copies on our paper, and then affix our legal stamp and signature to them, making them ready for use by a notary public.

If you require a non-disclosure agreement, we will gladly sign one for you, and all of your data will be kept with the utmost confidentiality.

Memorandum of Association

Our firm offers a variety of business translation services to companies doing business all over the world. One of today’s strongest business-to-business market segments is translation. So, language services are critical to international companies’ global expansion.

During the formation and registration process, a memorandum of association is a legal document that establishes a restricted liability company’s connection with its shareholders.

A company’s most crucial document is its memorandum of association. Therefore, it identifies the goals for which the company was founded. It specifies the privileges, rights, and powers of the company’s executives as well. Only the activities listed in the MOA are permissible for the corporation to engage in. 

As a result, the MOA establishes the limit beyond which the company’s actions are prohibited. Similarly, every detail must be mentioned and considered. As a result, it’s essential to put your translation in the hands of experts.

Amendment to the memorandum of association 

The amendment to the memorandum of association is a secondary document that is only created after the MOA has been signed. It establishes the company’s administration and management norms and regulations. The articles define the members’ obligations, rights, duties, powers, and as well as information about the company’s accounts and audit.

Why should you use our services for legalization?

Why should you use our services for legalization?

Based on the information you supply, we write a multilingual update to an existing memorandum of association, make a copy for each participant on our paper, and then place our legal stamp and signature to them, ready to be used by a Notary Public.

We have considerable experience in managing projects of legal translation services in Dubai with: 

  • Quick turnaround
  • Competitive costs
  • Continuous document tracking
  • Absolute reliability 
  • Confidentiality
  • Global reach (attestation services for documentations originated in or destined for any country, not only the UAE).