ACH API Case Study:

An alarm/security SaaS developed a platform for detailed financial analysis and tracking for the Alarm industry. Modules include:

  • General Ledger
  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Client Management
  • Accounts receivable
  • Inventory Management
  • Accounts payable 
  • Service and Inspection
  • Job Management

The security industry is very much driven by recurring revenue. Automating customer payment collection using both ACH and credit card payment rails was vital to the platforms ability to acquire and retain customers.

Influences Of An ACH API Case Study
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Using the AgilePayments ACH API, the platform integrated an ACH Autopay solution that addresses both collection and reconciliation needs. Sms Payment Solutions In this particular case the SaaS was able to create sophisticated solutions. Among these:

  • Offering self managed account changes eg change checking account on file
  • Resubmitting non-sufficient funds (NSF) transactions based on configurable rules sets, eg debit on Friday am
  • Reconciling both successful ACH Payments as well as ACH rejects
  • Proving insight into customer payment trends and identifying customers that could be converted to AutoPay
  • Automating notice of change (NOC) handling
  • Using web hooks and REST payments API to notify users of payments exceptions as they occurred

The ACH API integration helped the platform to grow from less than 5 users to more than 300, making them the dominant player in the Alarm Financial Management space.we are also read for How To Get Relevant Traffic To Your Website?

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