Outsourcing development has emerged as a boon to entrepreneurs. It allows them to focus on the functioning of the business as a whole rather than sitting with the team and guiding them through development.

Also, it opens up a larger resource pool, hence increasing their chances of finding more appropriate candidates for the job.

But what if you have ongoing work, and regularly you need to work with the development team. Can you say, outsourcing is the right thing then? This, and many other instances put you in tiff between choosing an in-house web developer or outsourcing. And hence you must read this blog to make the right decision.

Merits of Outsourcing your Development Work Overseas

Per hour cost of developers: The labor cost is much budget-friendly overseas compared to a $150/hr web developer from your town? And these things can help you invest more in other essential investments.

Labor savings: It is the most significant plus point in outsourcing your work. If the data delivered is the same as an in-house web developer for a comparably low price does make sense.

De-Merits of Outsourcing your Development Work Overseas

Caliber: Quality control is the main issue in lending your work overseas. You don’t know if you will get the premium quality codes or not. Relying only on portfolios that you find on third-party apps is not enough.

Collaboration in the Code: Web development is a collaborative process you have to live up to the client’s expectations. You cannot be entirely sure if the Calgary web developers you hired is aware of his scope of work. Be very specific in your requirements for work deliverables for the same.

Time management issues: The time zone difference affect the mentality of any entrepreneurs because they have to stay all night just for that conference with the web developer and his team.

Merits of Hiring Full Time Developers

Good Grab: Web developer who will work for you will invest his time and interest for the sake of your work and a more significant outcome. And if they deliver their best work, you can use their skill set for many future endeavors.

Materiality: Hiring an in-house web developer can save you from time to time updates or waiting for the meeting to discuss any changes. You can discuss the changes easily on a casual chat with them. They will get to know more about your business and the productivity of your sales.

Lined-up Interests: Freelancers define their success by securing a position in clients’ minds while generating revenue. In contrast, on the other end, Entrepreneurs define success as business growth and building long-term assets.

De-Merits of Hiring Full Time Developers

demerits of hiring freelance developer

Cost: Hiring a web developer is expensive. If you don’t spend money, it’s like finding unicorns in the garden.

Time: Finding the right web developer is time-consuming, and it requires effort because the developer needs to be proactive and with his work also highly skilled and high skilled labor is in high demand. And this will take you off your business.


I would say it depends on the requirement. It would be best if you are a technical person and you know all the loopholes for taking care of outsourced developers.

Hiring a freelance developer residing in your country is another option that many entrepreneurs overlook. Talented developers are increasingly opting for the freelance lifestyle because of the flexibility it provides:

  • The chance to work on a variety of technology.
  • These programmers prefer to collaborate with startups.
  • They are also far less expensive than hiring someone full-time and frequently do not require equity.