Often when planning a big party or event, people do not realize how crucial the food and menu are behind the event’s success. If you are the same person who thinks, “Oh, it’s just food, how big a deal it can be,” then my friend, you are wrong. The satisfactory food to the guest is an attraction point of any party or event. People like to discuss your event’s food or excellent menu with other people for days or even months.

In simple words, good food is what brings everyone together during the event. So, it is important to let the professionals take charge. Hiring the catering companies Calgary AB is the best you can do to make your event a great success.

However, hiring the right caterer for your event is not an easy task. You need an action plan and a list of questions that you can ask the catering service to hire the right caterer for your event.

Questions you need to ask from Calgary Services

Where are you going to set your kitchen?

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You may think of it as an absurd question to ask from a Caterer. However, think about yourself. Every catering service has a certain menu and standard that they follow. Do the venues you have chosen offer them the freedom to set the kitchen as per their requirement? To get the right answer to the question, you need to ask this simple question with the catering companies Calgary AB. Moreover, certain situation venues might not have a kitchen. You need to discuss with the caterer if they charge extra to serve in special conditions.

Do they provide service for specific occasions or locations?

The venue may put a limitation on catering services you can choose. The venues have a specific caterer that they use for the event. These caterers are familiar with the venue kitchen and conduct a smooth operation.  Besides, the caterer to have their preferences. Some caterers only specialize in lunch, dinner, or desserts. Therefore, you need to ask these questions when hiring a caterer for multiple events.

What ingredients are they going to use?

As a host, you have to know about the food preferences of your guest. If there is a person with an allergy to a specific food item on the menu, you need to tell the guest about it. Therefore, make sure to know what goes into the recipe. Moreover, if you want to have the menu for vegans or gluten-free eaters, it becomes critical for you to know about the ingredients used in the recipe.

Will there be any extra charges?

Nobody likes to pay extra than the negotiated price. However, a certain situation may arise where the caterers may ask you to pay extra. To avoid getting shocked, you need to discuss the bill beforehand. Often during negotiations talking about the hidden charges can lead to offer and discounts. Therefore, never shy away from negotiating and scratching the surface to know about the hidden charges.