At Al Syed Legal Translation, we are dedicated to offering on-time & error-free professional translation services in Dubai to our valued clients through a very dedicated team made up of highly qualified & well-experienced translators and interpreters with a variety of industry backgrounds, ultimately providing “one-stop solution” to provide them with 100% correct & perfect translation in accordance with their industry requirement and which will also add significance to their final objective, product, management, or any main objective.

We adhere to good industry practices

Our team is dedicated to establishing a strong framework of these practices with excellent skills, care, prudence, effectiveness, foresight, and timeliness on the part of our professionals, who are masterfully skilled, trained, and experienced project managers & translators who provide translation services to our clients with the utmost professionalism, dependability, efficiency, and sustainability.

Additionally, Al Syed Legal Translation is dedicated to providing translation and interpreting services in accordance with call-off orders for specific translations of customer paperwork. In order to provide translation and interpreting services when needed by our esteemed clients. ASLT hereby guarantees that it has top-tier personnel that are competent and experienced to do so.

Methodology of professional translation services in Dubai

Our meticulous attention to style, formatting, correctness, and consistency ensures that our clients receive the best service possible from our professional translation services in Dubai.

At various points throughout the life cycle of the content development, localization, and translation projects, quality assurance testing is conducted. Before submitting translation jobs, our QA staff carries out the following tasks:

  • The target translation has the same style as the source material.
  • Everything has been correctly translated and localized.
  • All numbers and units of measurement have been verified, and their accuracy has been guaranteed.
  • Technology has been synchronized with the client’s reference material’s term list while preserving the highest level of uniformity and consistency.
  • The translation’s tone is appropriate for the target audience and purpose.
  • We have handled all open questions with clients.
  • For the most parts, output translation has completed the spell and grammatical checks.

Our quality control and translation review procedures

Translation Services in Dubai | ASLT

The translation work done by our professionals may occasionally need to be examined in accordance with localization, traditional, conventional, cultural, and market norms. This is something we understand and agree upon. 

Therefore, we always appreciate the opinions and suggestions of our valued clients and are willing to incorporate them into the translated file in order to deliver the final revised version as soon as possible and at no additional cost till the project is finished to their satisfaction.

The expertise of our firm

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the largest translation agency in Dubai, offering all forms of translation in more than 500 different sectors of specialization with a 10100% accuracy and flawless guarantee.

We are the largest group of highly qualified translators. Who work together to produce accurate translations in accordance with their knowledge and abilities.

Our translation firm comprehends how to move a message’s importance and words into the objective language by the right structure. Moreover, our accuracy is not only concerned with the translation process, but also with the deadline. Therefore, time is of the essence, which is why we work tirelessly to provide professional translation services in Dubai.