How to Generate Recurring Income for Your Practice

Owning a dental practice is an excellent investment. It’s also a lot of work, as you’ll always be looking for new ways to increase your practice’s revenue and value. There are several ways to improve dental practice value, like having a recurring income.

Recurring income offers businesses some sort of stability and insurance against any unforeseen circumstances. The importance of generating sources of regular revenue is even more glaring in the world we live in today. The effects of the global pandemic hit many dental practices hard, but those with recurring income had something to cushion the pandemic’s effects. Now, as most businesses start to recover and return to regular operations, it may be best to find new ways to increase your practice’s value. Taking measures like streamlining your cash flow and generating reoccurring income for your practice can contribute to this goal. Let’s take a closer look at each option.

Increase Value with a Cash Flow Strategy

In any business, cash is king! Your cash flow determines how much revenue is coming in and the expenses getting incurred. What you need to make better returns is to implement a cash flow strategy to improve income generation. By consulting with a dentist CPA Kansas City, you can discover new ways to improve your cash flow positively. Your CPA will analyze your current revenue spinners compared to your expenses and tell you how you can reduce the latter and improve the former.

Create a Membership Program

One of the most significant ways to generate recurring income is by creating membership programs for dental practices. These membership programs offer patients an alternative to dental insurance and help your practice in the long run. Besides providing loyal customers for your practice, membership programs can give you insight into your expenses for the coming month.

How Do Membership Plans Work?

Membership programs offer your patients the option of paying upfront fees for access to impressive benefits. With these plans, patients pay subscription fees (monthly or yearly), then they get rewards, savings on dental charges, and several other services.

For the practice, the more the patients with membership plan subscriptions, the higher your stable income. It’s as simple as that. You can decide on the best price for your membership plan on your own or with the help of your dentist CPA in Kansas City.

Extra Tip

Researchers say that patients in membership programs tend to spend more than other patients. And with the benefits attached able to attract new members, it’s a win-win for your practice.

Market Better

A sure-fire way to gain recurring revenue is by spending on marketing. Good marketing can get your practice new clients quickly. Generate new marketing campaigns regularly, try digital marketing, and so much more. You can even use the right marketing strategies to make sure current patients remain loyal. Organize promos and lead generation events regularly too.


When it comes to generating recurring income, having a good membership program is a crucial way of doing that. You can work on consult with an excellent dentist CPA in Kansas City of how to financially structure the best membership program for both you and your patients.