Property owners must be familiar with all fire safety rules and regulations. Maintaining compliance will help you in passing a safety fire inspection report. 

A fire inspector will come to your home to conduct an inspection, and you should be ready. To pass your inspection, different features of fire protection must be maintained.

4 Things you Need to Know about Fire Safety Inspection

Alarm And Fire Protection Systems

Any fire alarms and fire protection systems in your facility must be operational. Such items will be listed on the inspection document or fire inspection report and will be checked. Sprinklers must be in good functioning order if you own a building with sprinklers. 

Fire alarms must also function properly. The inspector will inspect and test the alarms and smoke detectors. Regularly inspect all of these areas to ensure they are in good operating order and will pass inspection.

Extinguishers That Have Been Certified

A fire extinguisher is required on every property to protect people in the case of any fire outbreak. The quantity and type of fire extinguishers you must keep on-site depend on the sort of facility you operate. 

Extinguishers must be certified and in working order. The inspector will inspect all fire extinguishers to ensure that they are operational and certified. 

You may fail your inspection if you do not have the proper fire extinguishers. So, this is another important thing that you should look at in your fire inspection report. 

Exits And Emergency Lighting

The fire safety inspection in your facility will also involve an evaluation of the emergency lighting as well as egress places. 

All emergency lighting must be in proper working order. This involves making sure that all light bulbs are working and that exits are marked.

During an emergency, the exits may have lighted EXIT signs or flashing lights, depending on the type of building you have. 

Every exit should be properly marked, with sufficient signage and lighting, so that the individuals inside know where to go and how to get out if there is an outbreak of fire.

Apparent Sightlines

The fire inspector will also assess your building’s exterior and look for sightlines while making a fire inspection report. The fire department must be able to identify your structure. If there is a fire and 911 is called, the address must be prominently posted so that your property can be located.

Any fire hydrants on the property must be free of debris. Any plants or other vegetation around the fire hydrant must be kept clear so that the fire department has easy access to water in the event of a nearby fire inspection company.

Final Words

These are only a few of the important aspects of a fire safety examination. All fire safety measures must be reviewed and approved during an inspection when you own a property. 

When taking on the new property, make sure you are familiar with fire safety standards and that your new structure is up to code.

You not only protect your new investment, but you also protect the lives of individuals who live or work within by following fire safety laws